About us

Born by chance in 2001 from an idea of three siblings, Onirikos has become today an important enterprise dedicated to the needs of a traveler looking for professional advice, impeccable service and privacy. Owner of both licenses tour operator and travel agent is authorized to organize travel experiences and to sell direct.

Onirikos conceives, organizes and provides personalized assistance for individual as well as group travel experiences at the highest level. Onirikos strives to reach distinctive, select corners of paradise with a service network that goes beyond traditional means in order to meet the needs of the most demanding travelers to offer something extra: excellence and discretion. Exclusively tailor-made.

Stefano Bajona is the beating heart of Onirikos. A great traveler since childhood, with an electronic engineer education, he has dedicated his life exploring the world with eyes trained to beauty since an early age. Keen lover of out of the ordinary travel experiences he dedicates himself with passion to its constant growth, professional and personal, through the contact with most diverse cultures that are always fascinating him.