From the concierge services experience conceived and provided to its guests traveling both in Italy and abroad, Onirikos has designed a concierge service management for upscale residences.

More companies that develop luxury real estate compound create common areas typically found in five-star hotels, such as gyms, spas, treatment rooms, swimming pools, children's play areas, libraries, meeting rooms and terraces. A new way of conceiving and living the condo.

The need of a professional management of these shared areas as well as the request of a personalized concierge service -like the international market trend is requiring - makes it clear that the traditional concierge desk is not appropriate. Here is the answer: the Residence Concierge by Onirikos.

The Residence Concierge by Onirikos is dedicated to the companies that develop luxury real estate compounds and to high-profile condos' administrators with the residents' need to manage professionally the common areas.