Onirikos guarantees the following services to all guests on the real estate compounds that have signed a contract of Residence Concierge by Onirikos: management of the common areas, personal services, travel & events.

In the managed residences, during working hours, the Onirikos staff, wearing the uniform, will be available to assist the condos with all the concierge services.

The residents, by subscribing a monthly fee, can use the selected shared areas. The residents will have access only to the areas of their interest and will not pay the maintenance and management costs of the not used spaces.

Onirikos will cash back to the condo part of the profit generated by the management of the common areas. This will ensure a reduction of the general service charges that will be settled by the administrator of the condo. Therefore the greater the use of space managed by the concierge is the lower the cost of service charges will be.

The concierge will also take care of the personal services of all residents such as laundry, shopping, personal trainer, baby sitter, dog sitter, with the utmost discretion.