VIP Concierge

Nowadays concierge services are offered by any high end tour operator, but unlike these, Onirikos can customize each service to the smallest detail, from the simplest to the most complex, even at last minute.

Whether you need a luxury or vintage car where we guarantee the delivery at your hotel, to your private villa or at the airport, or any kind of transfer with professional drivers able to converse in several languages. For any need of multilingual staff our portfolio includes personal assistants and professional guides, personal shoppers, interpreters, cooks, waiters, butlers, nannies, dog-sitter, drivers, personal trainers, bodyguards and also experts of your well-being.

In case it is necessary to ensure VIP airport assistance alongside plane, we are able to assist, at major airports, each guest from the moment the door of the flight is opened. We ensure rapid procedure of immigration and a baggage claim without any effort - until the guest will meet his private driver.

If instead you wish to make sure to get the best place for any event, football game or concert, Onirikos will deliver you the tickets directly to your hotel or private residence, even last minute.

The Onirikos concierge is specialized in providing personalized assistance to royal families and fashion, entertainment and music celebrities, ensuring intimacy and exclusivity. We are prepared to meet every personal whim: to find the favorite dishes anywhere in the world, have the ability to leaf through the favorite reading, listening the music of the most respected artists.

The Operation Centre Onirikos offers to all guests traveling a concierge assistance 24 hours a day 7 days per week. A discreet assistance is at your disposal in case you wish to change route, request additional services or simply book a restaurant.