More and more new and surprising locations are opening every year in the world but more and more important for us of Onirikos is to test and check the quality, not only of the facilities but most of the services. We of Onirikos were born exclusively to meet the needs of a traveler looking style, class and elegance and we employ every mean to reach special selected corners of paradise ensuring that the network of services is outside any traditional route.

The experience gained in many years of activity has allowed us to create personal aimed relationships and at the same time to gain access, by invitation only, to international consortia dedicated to the elite tourism industry, in order to ensure that the Onirikos traveler is always welcomed in a special way in all details.

Our proposals are always designed in order to fulfill the wishes of the most discerning traveler, always with something more: excellence and discretion. For this reason, the dedicated Onirikos travel consultant is of vital significance. A person with a specific professional background who keeps herself constantly up to date and is able to listen to your needs and desires in order to propose the best solution for you. The offer in the elite tourism industry is increasing every day and it is more and more difficult to select in the web what really matches your needs. The specialized Onirikos consultant will help you identify immediately the ideal location, the more suitable period, the best logistics to reach the destination and the top available deal.

In this increasing sea of information is becoming more and more important to entrust yourself to a professional that will make everything much easier for you.