In addition to organizing your most memorable day, the wedding, in romantic havens in the world, Onirikos is particularly specialized in designing and creating one of the most important experience of your life's journey: the honeymoon.

The honeymoon is a unique moment, that you live only once in your life. The organization of the honeymoon requires a real commitment beginning at the preliminary steps, in which the couple needs to choose their favorite destination. Once collecting your personal desires, Onirikos will suggests the best trip according also to the most recommended period . A selection of fine locations throughout every corner of the world, such as private islands, unique or romantic lodge resorts can be the perfect setting for your honeymoon.

Onirikos guarantees you an optimal and dedicated support to combine the chosen destination with an out of the ordinary romantic experience. Surely there will be some of our refined surprises which will remain jealously guarded and that you will unexpectedly taste during the Onirikos experience.

With pleasure we offer a service for managing the wedding list, very appreciated by all newlyweds. Together with the opening of the wedding list you can also require a custom web site for the presentation of your trip and the wedding list. Each guest, once paid the desired amount - by credit card or by bank transfer - will receive a payment receipt and will have the opportunity to send a message dedicated to the spouses.