Horse Experiences

Many are the destinations where Onirikos offers a riding experience as a simple moment of pleasure. For those who are looking instead for experiences where the horse has a leading role we organize special trips in wilderness and pristine areas where herds are still roaming free. In Namibia, for example, to observe the stoic wild horses that since generations have survived to an hostile environment or in Mongolia where the traditions linked to the equestrian culture are still very strong. For the more adventurous we have created exciting customized horse safari in unexplored areas of Africa and Australia. Not to be missed is the experience of the adventure in the true ranch in the United States or in the historical haciendas in Argentina.

Thanks to the professional preparation of Elena Bajona, business partner of Onirikos, you will have the opportunity to be accompanied in more cultural experiences by an equine behaviorist and an exceptional naturalist. Those experiences will be focused in searching and understanding the origins of this noble animal. We will visit the best breeding farms in the world and the state of the art training centers where no coercion methods are used.