Virgin Galactic

How many of you, since you were little, have wanted to be an astronaut? How many have admired the launching of numerous shuttles catapulted into infinity and really wanted to be there? A project for most people unattainable. This dream cannot be cancelled by time, rather time is helping to make it happen. Richard Brandson succeeded in creating and developing one of the most revolutionary designs invented by man: the Virgin Galactic.

In short, even the common man can go into space and live a very unusual holiday. When? An official date has not yet been declared but any time may be right time. It will be a historic day where the boundaries of traditional tourism will finally overcome. We will no longer speak of a tour around the world but of an amazing space ride, for the more adventurous

The first private flight, SpaceshipOne, was launched in 2004 and since then reservations were opened. Only few specialists, after a series of professional training, were instructed to present the peculiar project to selected customers around the world. Onirikos is the Virgin Galactic Accredited Space Agent for Italy.