Florence, Tuscany | Italy • by Rowena Banfi, Private Voyage Advisor

Magic, history and emotions in Florence

Florence, the cradle of the Medici family, mother of art and culture, caressed by the waters of the river Arno. Silent, ethereal with an almost inexplicable aura of magic. This is what you can taste by staying at Hotel Lungarno in Florence.

We arrived in Florence really tired but, as soon as we reached Ponte Vecchio -a place where the magic already begins- a renewed energy pervaded us. You walk and your steps have a bit of the noise of history.

The intimate entrance, hidden from the eyes of those who walk distractedly through the streets of Florence,  -as happens with jewels or other precious things- is small but immediately tells you that it hides something very special, magical inside.

As soon as we took the first step in this marvellous structure, worries were reset and everything that created discomfort in our heads was erased by the magnificent welcome and elegant furnishings of this hotel. And this was just the beginning.

When you act “in a hurry” you risk not paying attention to the beautiful things that surround you. When we enterered in the room the risk has vanished due to the beauty of everything: the warmth and care for the furnishings, the lamps, the walls, bed and bathroom.

How the view will be looking like? Opening one of the two French windows this question was quickly answered by a very long and intense silence full of indescribable thoughts, wonder and emotions. I took just a few steps on the terrace, I stopped and… the Arno, the facades of historic buildings that tell hundreds of years of history, art of timeless beauty, the people strolling peacefully, the harmonious silence. All there just a few meters away, including Ponte Vecchio and that wonderful feeling that it tells its story, perhaps as calmly as it embraces the Arno. Florence.

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It is really true, when you are about to enter something magical you feel it immediately and often the magic continues throughout, as it happened to us for dinner at the Michelin starred restaurant Borgo S. Jacopo. The river acts as a frame to a refined cuisine linked to local tradition but skilfully revisited with sensitivity and contemporary art. One of those dinners, perhaps also thanks to a particular dish, that you never forget. I am not a very expressive woman, I tend to feel everything in a very intimate and personal way, but that tasty Pappa al Pomodoro has led my person and my soul to melt and finish the dish between tears full of emotions and sensations completely unknown to me. Poor waiter, he was worried about me, but I was just happy to be alive in that moment.

The day of departure becomes more difficult because the breakfast room welcomes you exactly like all other things, overlooking the Arno, silent and discreet, almost an accomplice of your being peaceful because you are in a place that pampers you in every way.

I don’t know when I’ll be back but I know I will:  my short stay at Lungarno Hotel in Florence is one of those experiences that I strongly want to try again, only a madman would refuse the chance to relive a daydream.

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