Enchanting experience.

Just like in a dream

Expect the unexpected, albeit perfectly planned.

Our Voyage Advisors combine their creative and organizational skills to ensure an unforgettable experience that fulfils your undiscovered needs.

We’ll let your mind run free.

Onirikos Voyage Advisors are not simply planners, they’re visionaries who explore the remotest places on Earth and know the people and customs of different countries. By identifying the client’s style of travel, they are able to craft a tailor-made project. They know exactly what they are proposing as they have already experienced it first-hand. Our Voyage Advisors have a keen eye for detail and beauty and are constantly scouting for the most surprising destinations worldwide.

Our idea of creativity

Shades of dreams

Haute Villégiature allows you to indulge your desire for extraordinary experiences of the highest level created exclusively for you by leading experts.

As Maison du Voyage, Onirikos infuses every journey with its individual style and ensures that each itinerary reflects our clients’ unique personality.

Undiscovered places in the world and in your mind

To travel you need to be able to dream. Give free rein to your desires and allow us to make them come true.

Onirikos invites you to discover more than 800 “Hidden Gems”, both in Italy and abroad, that will amaze the most discerning travellers.

Our Hidden Gems

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