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Free your mind.

Just like in a dream

We are Voyage Advisors responsible for delivering an impeccable service. We are professionals and have a portfolio of thousands of hospitality options, cruise lines, concierge services and a range of private experiences, both in Italy and abroad.

We cherish our clients’ most valuable asset: their free time. Offering our discretion and excellence to ensure a distinctive experience.

Surprising Haute Villégiature.

We have been pioneers in reinterpreting travel as an emotional journey immersed into lavish experiences and sumptuous locations. We have taken inspiration from Renaissance Princes to offer a service unrivalled by traditional travel agencies.

Our aim is for you not to worry about the journey.

Your dedicated Voyage Advisor has three goals: listen, create and make it happen.

Everything begins with your dream and ends with a perfect journey catered to your needs. From the moment you leave home to when you return.

We create distinctive experiences.

Each journey stems from our unique ability to interpret your needs and desires and transform them into your personal adventure.

For over 20 years, Onirikos has been offering unique consultancy services and access to its exclusive network. This is the reason why we request an up-front-fee to begin planning your dream journey.

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