The Brando, Tetiaroa | French Polinesia • by Isabella Bertani, Private Voyage Advisor

An epic journey to paradise

The promise of infinite lagoons and white beaches is what you can find behind the Air Tetiaroa ticket, a small and private company, that will take only few lucky people to the beloved island of Marlon Brando.

Watching the horizon by smelling the ibisco flowers of my Lei, a warm welcome from the island, I tuned immediately into the island’s frequency, made by soft waves and delicate Hula.

The Tetiaroa Atholl used to be the summer sanctuary of the Tahiti royal family and the private Marlon Brando’s retreat but in the 2014 it became a symbol and a case history of the quintessential environmental sustainability .

Bio-architecture and farm to table products  are deeply linked with local development and conservancy projects, making the Brando a unique Resort in the world.

With my buggy I could discover every corner of the island and my emotions took over at every sight. I’ve experienced what I could only have imagined in my dreams. From the Varua Te Ora Spa, secluded between palms and tropical plants, to the botanic garden that brings fresh and daily products to Le Mutines, the gourmet restaurant led by the starred Chef Pierre Lecor. I had the great pleasure to meet him in person while tasting a superb poisson fafaru. Everything seems to be suspended in time.

When the sun rises the island reveals its own beauty, the plunge pool sparkles like the ocean in front of the Villa and the silence is only broken by the gentle butler who serves the breakfats a la carte, that I could appreciate barefoot in my private piece of paradise. I can’t forget the taste of my benedicte eggs while watching the turquoise ocean in front of me.

Discovering The Brando

With a short bike ride from the Villa you can reach the heart of the Resort where it is possible to attend an interesting lecture from marine biologists who show to the Guests what later I saw firsthand: an incredible and caleidoscopic biodiversity at Onetahi Motu.

With an expert guide I tasted the Teatiaroa honey, coming from the hidden behive in the forest. This is a special ingredient of the Dirty Old Bob, the beach bar’ signature cocktail that I sipped the same night.  The bar is the place to be to admire a stunning sunset.

The private boat of the Resort is perfect to reach the famous imperatrix lagoon: snorkeling here, in the middle of this charming colourful coral garden, is simply amazing.

And what happens if you forget to take your fins? No worries, you’ll find them on board, right size and with ribbons, no need to ask. This is what happened to me. Great care and deep attention to the single and smallest detail is what I found out from The Brando hospitality, a magic place, a sort of paradise that enchant adults and children. Here the experience is really tailormade and everything is harmoniously out of the box.

What I liked more of this experience at the end of the world? The sense of infinite possibility that The Brando offers.

This journey really exceeded my expectation and gave me a baggage of emotions that I’ll bring forever with me. The opportunity to touch the legendary sand of French Polinesia is a privilege that I suggest to live to everybody, at least once in a lifetime.

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