Hidden gems


Lapland, Finland


This amazing loddge has been passionately conceived and realised according to the style of Lapp and Sámi tradition. Octola’s shape is derived from traditional Lapp ’laavu’ buildings, that in the past used to provide shelter for the people living the nomadic lifestyle.


In this unique kind of health spa for the spirit, where you can leave behind the stress of the day to day world, and savour the healing qualities of Lapland’s stunningly beautiful natural environment.

“… I felt it was time for a revolutional change to provide exclusive accommodation in the Arctic that meets the needs of our experiential guests.”


Discover the lodge in winter

Part of philosophy of luxury in Lapland is to be secluded, far from the crowds, and to be at one with nature, but with access to every conceivable private service and comfort.

It is in such a place that you will find inspiration and relaxation.

Discover Lapland

Octola was built for frequent, global travellers accustomed to luxurious five star hotels. Being accommodated in a wooden chalet is the essence of Lapland, providing the most authentic stay in the Arctic. Octola offer total privacy in their own secluded wilderness area and all the exciting outdoor Arctic activities are on doorstep. The wilderness guides, chef and butler ensure that all your requirements and wishes are attended to.

Located at the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland, it is unquestionably The Most Exclusive Five-Star Private Wilderness in Lapland

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