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Alicante, Spain


Majestically located in the hills, far from Benidorm, the Sha Wellness Clinic welcomes you with its white buildings with a magnificent Mediterranean view Not far from the picturesque village of Altea, in the Valenzia province, this temple of wellness and macrobiotics is at the same time a prestigious wellness hotel and a spa that has conquered the world elite.



The Sha Wellness Clinic to regain vitality:

360° wellness in the heart of Spain.

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To lose weight, regain energy, follow a detox program, anti-aging treatments or simply to relax by combining quality and dietary protocols, Sha Wellness Clinic offers tailor-made programs designed for all guests. Treatments vary in intensity and duration. For the Sha Feeling treatment it takes two intensive days to immerse yourself in the spirit of the place, for the Sha Wellness four days or program are needed to reduce stress levels. But if time is not a problem, we recommend the Sha Essence treatment, which lasts more than a week, to really understand a new lifestyle, certainly healthier, to be applied even when you return back home.

Here, health is taken seriously.

The wellness residences, designed by the prestigious Spanish architect Carlos Giraldi and the renowned Spanish interior designer Blanco, are the first of its kind in the world in a clinic devoted to wellness. A reference for all those seeking to fully enjoy the benefits of the world’s leading wellness clinic, where health, innovation and nutrition always come first.


Sha is not a luxury resort. Nor, only, a spa. Wellbeing and world pioneering medical clinic is a place-experience, a “postmodern temple” of health and long life.

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